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MARCH 2023

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The STEMVP Brunch was created to Celebrating, Empowering, and Uplift some of the most valuable players in STEM.  

Our hope is that we can continue to support and nurture the achievements and interests of Women by doing our part to shape the environment around them.

We believe when women work together and support each other, magic happens. We created The STEMVP Brunch to do our small part in supporting this and want our guests to leave feeling empowered, supported, and ready to take on the world.


Our first event on July 9, 2022, was a success! #stemvp  


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The Event
The Honorees

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The Sponsors
The Host

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The STEMVP Brunch is created and hosted by LaunchTech, an award-winning Woman, Minority, and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned firm based in Huntsville, AL. LaunchTech provides technology, engineering, and mission support solutions to enterprise customers in the Public and Private sectors.

In addition to their innovative and groundbreaking projects, LaunchTech started the Launching Scholars Initiative in January 2022, which provides girls 15-18 from income challenged homes with the opportunity to attend cost-based STEM camps across the country. The first cohort of 12 girls from NY, TN, and AL attended space, aviation, and cyber Camps in Huntsville, AL in July 2022. To learn more about our Launching Scholars Initiative, please visit

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To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, drop us a line.

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